Our Approach

At the Minnesota Craniofacial Center for TMJ & Sleep Treatment, we are committed to improving your quality of life through relieving pain, restoring function, improving sleep, and optimizing health.

Our focus is on patient-centered care with a comprehensive approach. Our first goal is to identify the root causes and perpetuating factors.

Why are you not sleeping? Why are you in pain? How did you get that way? What are some of the factors that are perpetuating your symptoms? Why are you clenching or or grinding?  We first work to determine why these issues are occurring. Then, as a result of restoring jaw function and helping patients breathe better, pain and sleep issues can improve. In most cases TMJ surgery can be avoided.

It is only through understanding of the underlying problem and developing personalized approaches that we can achieve successful treatment outcomes. For example, sleeping well is essential for healing and for feeling good.

On an emotional level, we understand the effect that chronic pain and sleep disorders can take on your mental and physical health. We work together with your other providers using different modalities to help reduce stress and improve our patients’ emotional well-being.

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