Treatment of TMD, Pain, and Headaches

We perform a thorough examination, imaging, and diagnostic testing to determine your diagnosis and to identify root causes and perpetuating factors of your symptoms and overall condition.

Depending on what is found, treatments may include appliance therapy, regenerative medicine including prolotherapy and PRF injections, therapeutic laser treatments, trigger point injections, unlocking, physiotherapeutic techniques, and home care. In some cases, medications or Botox may be indicated. TMJ issues can very often be treated and managed successfully without surgery.

Sleep breathing disorders can correlate to pain for many reasons, and it is important to evaluate for these if signs and symptoms of breathing issues are present. Some cranial structural issues such as a small or retruded lower jaw, narrow palate, or restricted nasal airway (often as a result of disruption in proper growth patterns) may predispose an individual to pain or sleep issues.  Nighttime clenching is strongly correlated with sleep breathing issues. Clenching can place stress on the TMJs, teeth, and muscles and joints of the head and neck. Good sleep is important for healing and pain management. 

We can also address oral restrictions and/or tongue ties if these are determined to be a significant contributing factor to the condition.  

Proper nutrition, exercise, good posture, proper oral function, and stress management are also important.  It often takes a team, and referral to other providers may also be needed as part of your treatment. We work with many other professionals including neurologists, sleep specialists, otolaryngologists, psychologists, radiologists, nutritionists, orofacial myologists/myofunctional therapists, chiropractors, MNRI therapists, and  physical therapists as needed.

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